Updates on the proposed WissZeitVG reform

This blog post is intended to provide resources and information about recent developments regarding the proposed reform of the Wissenschaftszeitvertragsgesetz (WissZeitVG). As the public and political debates around the topic are happening in German discussion panels and major German news outlets we provide the information here in English primarily for the community of non-German speakingContinue reading “Updates on the proposed WissZeitVG reform”

Welcome Package for PostDocs now available!

This post was written by Dr. Katarzyna Hnida-Gut and Dr. Lisa Belkacemi, coordinators of the Working Group Working conditions and Mental Health. We are happy to share with you the Welcome Package For PostDocs! Do you feel a little bit confused or overwhelmed as a PostDoc in Germany? Do you need help with navigating intoContinue reading “Welcome Package for PostDocs now available!”