Internal resources

  • A statement from the Leibniz PostDoc Network on the draft bill for the WissZeitVG are available in English and German.
  • Welcome Package: Information for international PostDocs moving to Germany. The package covers a broad range of information, e.g. work visa, childcare, insurances, WissZeitVG.
  • Report of the first Leibniz PostDoc Survey 2020: The report is published on an open access basis via SSOAR, which is hosted by GESIS. You can get a copy of the full report here:
  • A paper from our former sustainability working group about Transforming research practices towards environmental sustainability can be found here:

External resources

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This is a summary of all the links in the Welcome Package. Please read the Welcome Package for more information (see below).

Leibniz Associations

Leibniz Association & German research landscape

Conflict Resolution

Leibniz Mentoring for Female Researchers

Leibniz Association Funding Opportunities

Coming to Germany

Entry Visa

Residence Permit/Work Visa

City Registration

Life in Germany

Apartment rental

Tax system

Health care

Getting Medical Assistance

Mental Health



Language Courses

Family Life Benefits


Public Transportation

Driving license

Navigating Academic Work Life in Germany

Employee representatives

Fixed-Term and Permanent Academic Positions in Germany

Income Brackets (“Einstufung”)

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