Join us for the 7th Annual Meeting of the Leibniz PostDoc Network!

This meeting is the opportunity for us to come together to identify “hot” topics, develop strategies, and maybe even form new working groups for the upcoming year.

This event is all about collaboration and empowerment, and your presence will contribute significantly to its success! It’s important to stress that everything the Network accomplishes (or has already accomplished) depends entirely on the involvement and ideas of our postdoc community, which is why your input is so invaluable!

Meeting details:

Date: November 16th and 17th, 2023

Time: Lunch-to-lunch format

Location: Virtual via zoom

During this meeting, we will:

  • Reflect on the achievements of the Leibniz PostDoc Network and discuss ongoing initiatives and projects
  • Set our goals and priorities for the upcoming year – based on your input!
  • Get insights on “How to become a Professor” through a webinar presented by Dr. Daniel Mertens
  • Elect the two spokespersons for 2024
Thursday, 16 Nov 2023 
13:00Opening & Greeting from Leibniz Spokespeople
13:15Welcome by the Leibniz HQ – Dr. Marvin Bähr
13:45Insights into Working Groups – What have we achieved so far
14:30Breakout Session #1: Facilitated discussions of Leibniz PostDoc Needs
15:45Group Discussion #1: Leibniz PostDoc Needs
16:30Leibniz HQ – Dr. Bettina Böhm
17:00Nominees for Spokesperson
17:10End of Day 1
 Virtual Happy Hour – have your beer/wine ready and have a drink with us!
Friday, 17 Nov 2023 
9:00Recap from Day 1 + useful information for Leibniz PostDocs
9:30Webinar “How to become a Professor” by Dr. Daniel Mertens
10:40Election of Spokespersons and Financial Officer
10:50Breakout Session #2: Discussions within WGs about upcoming year goals
11:45Group Discussion #2: Network goals for upcoming year
12:15Final words from organizers
12:30Quick meeting with new Steering Committee
13:00End of Day 2
Full program of the 7th Annual Meeting of the Leibniz PostDoc Network

Please register here.

If you have any questions or need further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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