This is a guest post by our spokeswomen Dr. Marta Fereira Gomes (DRFZ) and Dr. Mine Altinli (BNITM).

Friday the 13th does not have to be a day of bad luck. For the Steering Committee of the Leibniz PostDoc Network, it was a day to start something new!

On the 13th of January, the Steering Committee of the Leibniz PostDoc Network – Spokespersons & Working Group coordinators – got together at the Leibniz Head Office in Berlin to plan their activities for 2023. This meeting allowed us to welcome the new members, set our priorities for 2023, distribute responsibilities and debate our position regarding different topics of concern for postdocs. Last but not least, we started the preparations for our Spring Networking meeting. More information on that event is coming soon!

We would also like to remind all postdocs working at Leibniz institutes that the Network’s outreach can only grow through the work of the postdocs involved. We want to be able to do more, but for that, we need your help! So if you feel you can contribute, please reach out to us. From organizing events to poster design, all kinds of skills are welcome.

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