4th Annual Meeting of the Leibniz PostDoc Network

Dear Leibniz PostDoc Network Community,

We are writing to update the community on recent events that have occurred within the Leibniz PostDoc Network.

We recently had our 4thAnnual Meeting of the Leibniz PostDoc Network online via Zoom. During the meeting, we had a great turnout of participants from more than half of the Leibniz Institutes across Germany and more than 65 participants at certain times. We were fortunate to hear from a range of speakers including Dr. Ricarda Opitz, the Vice Secretary General of the Leibniz Association, and Dr. Marvin Bähr, the Career Development Manager at the Leibniz Association. 

During parallel breakout sessions, many stimulating discussions were held regarding the issues postdocs within the Leibniz PostDoc Network face. We appreciate all the honest and thoughtful feedback about your experiences. 

As such, we have (re)established new working groups that are very excited to work with our new Steering Committee:

  1. Postdoc Survey: Dr. Gundula Zoch (LIfBi), Dr. Johannes Breuer (GESIS)
  2. Public Communication and Advocacy: Dr. Gregor Kalinkat (IGB), Dr. Christian Nehls (FZB)
  3. Network Growth and Outreach: Dr. Felix Victor Münch (HBI), Dr. Johanna Callhoff (DRFZ)
  4. Career Development and Working Conditions: Dr. Sina Fackler (LIfBi), Dr. Rajini Nagrani (BIPS) Dr. Gillian Dornan (FMP), Dr. Nathalie Topaj (ZAS)
  5. Diversity and Inclusion: Dr. Kingsly Chuo Beng (IGB), Rabea Kleymann (ZfL)
  6. Sustainability: Dr. Elif Köksoy (DSMZ)

In addition, we elected a new financial officer, and two spokespeople.

Financial Officer: Dr. Marta Ferreira-Gomes (DRFZ)

Co-Spokespeople: Dr. Lydia Repke (GESIS) and Dr. Steve Doo (ZMT).

Since the meeting, we have been working with each working group to lay out priorities for this upcoming year. We have many exciting events planned and are particularly excited to progress our goals for this year. We are welcoming to any self-identified postdoc within the network that is willing to be involved in the groups. So please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of us to find out more!

To stay up to date on our events, sign up for our listserv and follow us on Twitter (@LeibnizPostDocs) as well as on LinkedIn to keep up to date on all the current events!

All the best, 

Lydia Repke and Steve Doo

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