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This is a guest post by Marta Ferreira Gomes who participated in an online workshop hosted by our network.

On April 29th, the Leibniz PostDoc Network hosted an online workshop on Lateral Leadership. The session, „Leading up and horizontally: leadership with supervisors and colleagues“ was led by Dr. Matteo Garavoglia, who provided valuable strategies and practical tips on leading without formal authority.

Participants engaged in hands-on activities and interactive discussions, exploring real-world scenarios to better understand the nuances of lateral leadership. The feedback has been very positive, with many attendees appreciating the practical focus and actionable insights shared by Dr. Garavoglia.

On the second day, participants had the opportunity for short one-to-one sessions with Dr. Garavoglia, allowing for personalized guidance and deeper discussions on their specific leadership challenges.

Especially this one-to-one sessions were a hit among the participants. One of our participants, Razieh Abdollahipour, commented that they found the workshop very insightful and that it was one of the most engaging online workshops they had attended.

We look forward to organizing more workshops like this one in the future. To stay up-to-date with upcoming events you can check our event calendar. Moreover, if you have ideas for similar workshops we are always open for input and encourage postdocs from all Leibniz Institutes to get involved. To help organizing such training events you do not even need to be an active member of one of our working groups. To learn about other training events we have organized before you can click here, here or here.

Thank you to everyone who attended and made this workshop a success!

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