The Leibniz PostDoc Network is excited to announce the initiation of a new funding scheme aimed at providing training opportunities for postdocs within our network. As permanent positions are increasingly requiring skills that are outside the normal academic requirements, many auxiliary skills (soft skills) are needed in order to be successful. These can range from project/budget management and science communication skills to supervising junior researchers or engage in website design or marketing of your research. As such, we are soliciting workshop proposals on skills you feel would benefit you and the greater Leibniz PostDoc Community. Note: Unfortunately, we cannot fund workshops on specific research topics (e.g., topics that focus on your individual research).

Who? All postdocs currently working at any Leibniz Institute are eligible to apply.

What? We plan to fund workshops that are of help to the broader community of the Leibniz PostDoc Network. These workshop ideas should include the promotion of skills that are applicable across several sections of the Leibniz Association.

When? The deadline for submissions is 28 May 2021, however applications will be processed as they are received. We are soliciting ideas for workshops to be run within the next year (21’-22’). The Leibniz PostDoc Network’s Steering Committee will assist in the development, organization, and promotion of these workshops.

Where? Due to the COVID-19 situation, these workshops will need to be planned online (via Zoom or some other media).

More Specifics:

We currently aim to fund a handful of workshops this year with a budget of up to ~1000 € each. Costs for these workshops may include money dedicated for speaker fees, a sponsored zoom license, printing costs, etc.

Initially, we will review applications and select those to be funded. One of our main selection criteria is the relevance to a large group of postdocs in more than one field. Once the proposal is accepted, we will work closely with the applying postdocs to develop their idea further. We reserve the right to combine proposals if contents overlap.

Please submit complete applications to: 

Contact: If there any questions, please contact the organizing committee of Dr. Steve Doo (), Dr. Rajini Nagrani (), Dr. Sina Fackler (), or Dr. Lydia Repke ().

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