The Leibniz PostDoc Survey

As many of you might already know, the Leibniz PostDoc Survey is currently open for participation and we urge all of you current (and incoming) postdoctoral researchers at all Leibniz Institutes to fill the online form, which you got via our email listserv, if you haven’t already. In this short blog post we want toContinue reading “The Leibniz PostDoc Survey”

Update on COVID-19 Actions of the Leibniz PostDoc Network

Today, we want to provide you with a brief update on the recent efforts the Leibniz PostDoc Network is working on to promote the needs of postdoctoral researchers within the Leibniz Association. A few weeks ago, our two spokespersons—Drs. Gitta Heinz and Lydia Repke—had the opportunity to speak with Leibniz Association President Prof. Mattias KleinerContinue reading “Update on COVID-19 Actions of the Leibniz PostDoc Network”